Political statements, social comments and random trending content.

Social media content is getting bored and low standards only for me. I know you won’t agree with me. But seriously it is getting less valuable entertainment to kill boredom.

First I like to point out there is no intellectual and political statement embedded in it. What’s worse here that majority of content prodcer don’t have a rigid political ideology. Moderate social comments are worst and then comes following the trend bandwagon. Many content prodcer who follow the trend are pathetically so poor in their intelligence. They depends on others to develop their own intellect. It’s like Marvel duplicating theories of DC Universe or the otherway around. What I mean is that originality lost its way in trending.

Political statements: AIB (All India Bakchod) who started their social commentary/satire with leftist political ideology. 50/50 on PTV had a same ideology but in a modest manner not like AIB. Anwar Maqsood is doing with his writings and plays. Their contents have a substantial stance.

There is a famous phrase in urdu “naql ke liye, aqal ki zarurat hoti hay” (To imitate needs an intellect.) The problem is that most internet content are No-brainer for me. Stupidity is getting so mainstream nowadays that majority of viwers are losing their abilities of fine judgment. Or people who are growing up while watching this shit have already lost their ability to non-conform.

Random trending content: Popular culture is so messed up/fucked-up/hardwired in our mindset. It has become difficult to think beyond mainstream. Popular contents are not so good enough in its quality and some how it’s submissive/knee jerk reaction to conformity.

To become non-conformist won’t solve the problem but it will raise awareness. Every human beings has a voice. It’s his right to raise that voice in a progressive, bold and rigid manner like Manto/Anwar Maqsood/Jalib/AIB/Kashyap etc or in an illiterate, conventional, unprogressive ways like 7 din mohabat in, Teefa in trouble, JPNA-2, trendy phenomenon content etc.

Then there are those who raise voices only to get popularity. One of them is Oscar winning documentary director.(I hope you get it.) So deep down it’s further divided into fake social commentary and political statement to gain the attention and moolahs.

And last Follow the trend, grasp the roots or sow your own seeds to grow tree of knowledge of good and evil. All you need first to “KNOW THY SELF”.




Be a Poultry Man first (Story Hatcher) and then Chef/Chicken tender (Story- Teller)

Today my egg got scrambled but I won’t post on Facebook or any other social media. If I want people to like and share my egg image. I will cook to its perfection where half fried egg will look intriguing.

What I mean to say your Ideas are eggs. You can make any cuisine with it but main idea (egg) should be there. Otherwise you will make scrambled eggs like Bulbulay, internet vines, memes or whatsoever. The main issue with these above scrambled eggs that the chef is not so sure what he wants to cook. Chef is constantly copying others in search of perfection. Why Amir khan is called Mr Perfection? because he has decided, not confuse about his script (chicken)

Now comes the surprise part where films are concerned. Film is not a medium to be displayed on tv screens with ads in between or any other medium except cinema. Films should be exhibit on big screens.

Let’s come back to egg (idea). Any chef can turn that egg (idea) into an internet content (half fried egg), web series (boiled eggs), or roast video (anday wala burger).

Or any master chef can turn it into Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, masala chicken.(consumerable film) But that egg (idea) takes time to hatch. Natural Chicken eggs atleast takes 21 days to hatch depends on certain condition. Your egg (idea) is out of your brain so it would take more time to hatch depends on your mental capacity and effort. Once your hatch egg (idea) is out of your brain into a paper. Now this little baby chicken needs your attention. Normally baby chicken takes 16 to 24 weeks to reach sexual maturity where it can lay more eggs (depends on breed)

So where were we? Now grown up chicken is your idea for film. Tragedy is here you can sell your mature chicken (screenplay) to a production house. They will make a commercial cooked chicken out of it. That can be sold in specific region or area depends on viewers taste.

If you have a resources to do cooking (shooting) by yourself that will be amazing. But we are living in a consumerist society and no one wants to buy a less appealing commodity. It’s a psyche of majority, exception is in Iran where neo realism films are made and exhibit. If you have a resources to make it. Go forward and do it yourself. Otherwise abovementioned option is fine and watch your chicken to GET FUCKED (COOKED) by close minded, insecure and pathetic peoples.

Or out of the blue buy a poultry farm with that one chicken. (Marvel and DC own a poultry farm). And they movies are not only commercially cooked well, but they are also hatch and nourish well.

Christopher Nolan did with Batman trilogy in the poultry farm of DC.

Advice to young egg (idea)  producer, please stay away from vendors like Facebook, Twitter, and master vendor YouTube, because they don’t know the value of an egg (idea).

Honourable mentions:

Majid Majidi, Anurag Kashyap, Michael Haneke, Abbas Kirostami, Dibakar Bannerjee, Christopher Nolan and filmmakers like them. These above mentions are chicken farmer or poultry man. They are the people who know how to hatch, nourish and cook. Their ideology is clear and they are aware of what they are doing. The sad part is here. These filmmakers started to showcase their Art Film(alive chicken) in festivals. Alive chickens need festivals not the commercially dead one although commercial cinema presents in a most glamorous manner. Commercially cooked chickens are good for domestic cinema but not for film festivals. Commercially cooked chicken makers have one thing in their mind that’s profit and entertainment. Alive chicken has a certain ideology to generate ideas, educate, entertain and raise profit as well.






Facing toward a stranger girl.

Mornings are so beautiful that sometimes you start to enjoy it without any worry. Standing at the bus stop waiting for bus. As the bus arrive I get in it, but I ain’t get a seat. So as ussual standing holding an upper pole, facing towards the front window I was staring at the road as the bus was moving. But at the same direction this girl was seated. God promise I was not looking at her. All of a sudden one passenger shouted at me “Hey look where are you watching? For God sake have some shame.” I thought for seconds what the hell is gone wrong with this guy? So I asked him; ” uncle what happened? I did what? ” He yells at me and said “She is my daughter and you are staring at her for a long time”

I said “What? I am staring at whom? Your daughter? Excuse me; I don’t barely know her.”  He accused me again “Good I know your kind of boys very well. I want you to leave the premises otherwise I am gonna post this whole sexual harassment issue on Facebook and your image will be spoil within a day”

I said “Sexual harrasement.” He lean closer to my face and shouted “Get out”

I wanted to stand there and fight with him but he was on my nerves, so I thought it is better to leave this “feminist with penis” before he gets physical.

I get out of the bus. As the other bus arrives I get inside it. Thank God this time I got a seat. I lean towards a window, closed my eyes and told a person besides me to wake me up at the next stop.

Because whatever happened I wanted to think as a bad dream. Nobody knows for how long this feminist fog would stay in the air?


Stray Dogs should not be executed.

I live in Karachi, populated with above 2 crore people with so many issues. One of the problem is stray dogs. Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) is executing these dogs in a very menial manner for a while but they are in abundant.

These street dogs are not that dangerous. I know few people had negative remarks. I also used to have before, but last night my perspective changed. In a city where security is not accessible to all. These dogs are blessings. I’d like to share my experience.

“Last night at 3 am, as I was reading a newspaper. I heard one dog started barking outside of my house. It was kind of irritating first; so sorry! I forgot to mention that I live on 1st floor. As the barking got more annoying, I got up to look through my window and I got shocked. One stranger was trying to unlock a motorcycle. After I realized it. I Shouted at him. He ran away and this dog chased him.

Thanks to one of the brave dog who saved the bike from that stranger. Otherwise it would have been stolen. Next time if any stray dog barks, it might be hinting you that something is happening wrong. Get up and watch, before its too late.